Training for Himalaya Trekking

Training to trek to Himalaya especially to Everest Base Camp


Trekking to Himalayas especially to Everest Base Camp and Annapurna BC is a serious physical challenging adventure. Those who are fitter will enjoy more of the trekking adventure.

The Himalaya trekking will be very demanding in physical fitness and also mental fitness. With poor mental fitness, one will give up easily. We at GECM are proud to guide people with poor body conditioning and mental fitness by conducting many physical training session and mental strength development. We prepare you for the trekking at least 8 hours a day and in bad weather condition.

Most of our preparation involve suitable training for each client / climbers. We analyse their physical condition and lifestyle habits and produce a special training programme and weekly follow up. We prepare you for the trek.

Cardio Workout

Cardio workout in indoor or outdoor is necessary in improving your cardio fitness and recovery. With good recovery at high altitude, trekkers will be more relaxed each day and be ready for the long trek on the next day. Slow recovery will make you get tired day by day and you cannot enjoy the trip

Building your stamina

Stamina and endurance are necessary for the 14 days treks and sometimes the treks are longer and require more stamina and endurance to reach the next destination.

Strengthening those legs

We do special training of leg strengthening beside gym workout. As we do in a group, most trekkers are really motivated and will be ready for the adventure of lifetime and have a great success.

Daily lifestyle

We recommend our trekkers some daily activities to slowly change their habits and make them be prepared for their trekking. Daily proper stretching for simple walk and jog will make their lifestyle better and the trekkers will be ready for their next challenge.