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Busy climbing up the many high peaks and long endurance climbs with his sponsors footwear, Ravichandran never realised that he was using THORLOS SOCKS sponsored by World of Sports 2 years ago. While climbing Mount Manaslu in Nepal, a 8000 meter mountain, he felt the socks was so suitable for long endurance and extreme cold temperature.


He never look back. From there onwards, he only depends on Thorlos Socks for better cushiony and to give proper protection to his foot while training at home in the tropical condition to 8000 meter expedition in the himalayas and for all his adventures around the world.



The sock’s padding is crucial in protecting and giving proper cushion to the feet. Their core technology – “Clinically-tested padding” is the key to the success of the socks and plays a big role in creating confidence and success to mountaineers.  Ravichandran can feel the comfort especially during his long endurance and extreme cold condition mountaineering expedition around the world.

More information on the technology and the people who created the “Thorlos Socks” are at the following website :



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They understand our foot and our activity very well. The padding density varies, depending on the part of the foot that needs protection. Where the shear and impact forces are extreme—usually in the ball and heel—the padding will be more dense to buffer against those forces, reducing the causes of foot aches and pain. 

“The padding will also be particularly dense where your foot experiences peak friction or shearing forces. The terry fabric works as a system to dissipate the forces that would otherwise occur, often resulting in blisters, pain and pressures. Less dense padding is used in the arch area for a better/secure fit. In the end, our core Engineered Padded Technology™ is adjusted based on foot kinetics consistent with the anatomy of the foot.”


Thats the knowledge which brings Ravichandran close to Thorlos Socks.