Thorlos Mountaineering Socks – Ravichandran

Thorlos Mountaineering Socks – Ravichandran




Ravi using Thorlos Socks during Himalayan Climbs




Ravichandran, a mountaineer always on the mountains during season and on some days the temperature will be a challenging factor with minus 5 to minus 15 Cel. Ravi depends on Thorlos Socks for all his mountaineering expedition above 3000 meter peaks and even on some winter training climbs where the temperature drop very fast and the weather is extreme.

There are many good socks but for Ravi, his choice is THORLOS SOCKS from He has been hiking and climbing many peaks around the world during all season and he still carry the THORLOS Socks for all his training and climbing since 2011. 

Designed for feet that hurt. Enjoying maximum protection in sub-zero weather, on all terrains including extreme summit conditions where foot protection is critical. Specifically engineered to deliver the maximum protection and comfort for any mountaineer prone to blisters, foot pain, or discomfort. The socks have proprietary padding that reduces foot pain, blisters and other foot conditions, pressures on the foot and moisture.






Expedition in Year 2017


In September 2017, had the pleasure to conduct a “Self Development Program” at Mount Kinabalu for the employees of TAR&H and it’s a 5D4N program with climbing Mount Kinabalu.



During Mount Kinabalu Climb Sept 2017



The temperature was very cold and Thorlos Socks was helping to keep my toes warm. 



My feet stay warm with Thorlos Socks.



In August, had the pleasure of using Thorlos Socks while guiding a team of climbers to the highest peak in Africa Continent, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.



At Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania




In July 2017, had the pleasure to attend Iran Youth Mountaineering Camp at Mount Damavand and Mound Alam Kuh.



Thorlos at Mount Damavand