Tent Management (Expedition Tent)

Tent Management (Expedition Tent)



Mountain Hardwear EV2 Tent at 7600 meter during Mount Manaslu Expedition 2013.


There are many types of tent in the market and all hikers must how to choose the right tent for their challenge and also the right tent for all challenges.

The expedition tent is a bit different from the normal tent. I make sure that the tent is designed to face strong winds, snow storm and also heavy snow drop. To save cost, I choose the one I can use for all season or 4-season.

During my 8000 meter expeditions, I choose Mountain Hardwear EV2 Tent to stand firm in the face of seriously extreme weather, especially in spring season.

The tent manufacturer designed the tent with good balance of weight and strength especially in the selecting the fabrics. The shape also important in reducing snow stuck to fabric as the shape minimises it.

They have 5 simple windows for ventilation to avoid feeling warm and stuffy in day time. The 4-season tent, Mountain Hardwear EV2 Tent will be able to face any storm and a right place for survival. I managed to overcome many such storm during my Mount Manaslu Expedition 2012 and 2013.