Suunto Traverse Amber

Suunto Traverse Amber




Suunto Traverse Amber



Suunto Traverse – is a watch for trekkers and hikers.  With attractive design, they also offer high performance with many advanced features such as compass, barometer, GPS tracking and GPS navigation.






The Suunto Traverse will be a great companion for outdoor  enthusiasts who need a top-quality timepiece for their adventures. This watch can also be considered as the best from Suunto based on the specifications and images which includes great elegant design, superb functionality and GPS capabilities.



Suunto Traverse on Mt Kilimanjaro route to the summit



I recommend Suunto Traverse for the following activities :


1.  Hiking
2.  Mountaineering
3.  Trekking
4.  Walking
5.  Backpacking
6.  Climbing




In a simple way, this watch gives me a sense of security when I’m backpacking alone up in the mountain around the world, and from my point of view, this is exactly what it supposed to do.




Suunto Traverse Amber at Mount Kinabalu Summit



The Suunto Traverse is using a GPS antenna in the ring which makes the watch look more elegant and another advantage is that this watch is very light for the functionality it offers – it weighs only 80 grams. For more information, refer to