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With Suunto watch around my hand, I am safe and my family is at peace.


Suunto-Watches Sponsorship


Mount Denali Solo Expedition 2016


Ravi using Suunto watches Ambit 3 Peak for these expeditions including current 30days of climbing and preparing for the Denali Challenge in Nepal. The Suunto Ambit3 Peak guides every step of the way, providing all the need to progress and stay safe on Ravi quest.

The watch has a very nice and ascetically pleasing design. It doesn’t look out of place on the wrist of a runner, hiker, or businessman. The buttons are easy to use, the menus are easy to navigate, and everything just makes sense. The strap is comfortable and has never bothered Ravi even after hours of hiking or trekking.

GEC Nepal Medical Mission 2015


Suunto Ambit 3 Peak able to Ravi  mark trails during the every trails taken to provide medical help up in the mountains in the remote village during GEC Nepal Medical Relief Mission 2015.





Mount Misti, Peru Expedition

Ravi with Suunto Ambit 3 on the summit of Mount Mistic, a Volcanic mountain in Peru. The Ambit 3 is a amazing watch and Ravi has a great experience.





Mount Whitney Climb,USA

Ravi with suunto Ambit 3 for my Mount Whitney climb, USA