The Seven Summit Challenge


The Seven Summit




Ravichandran (Ravi Everest)


The Seven Summit Challenge is one of the challenge where mountaineer reach all the summit of the highest peaks in each Continents in the world. The following are the list of the mountains in each continents.


     1.  South America Continent – Mount Aconcagua (Argentina)


Schedule :  

Year 2016 (10th. to  28th. January)

Year 2017 (3rd. to 21st. January)


Expedition Cost : USD3300/- excluding Climbing permit estimated at (USD585/-)



     2.  Africa Continent – Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)


Schedule : Marangu Route

Year 2016  – 1oth. to 16th. January, 2016

                    – 12th. to 18th. March, 2016

                    – 5th. to 11th. October, 2016


Expedition Cost : From USD1335/-  (Twin Sharing / Min 2 pax) 







     3.  Asia Continent – Mount Everest (Nepal)


Schedule :

Year 2016 (27th. March to 2rd. June)

Year 2017 (25th. March to 2nd. June)


Expedition Cost : FROM USD35,000/-  including Climbing Permit. 





4.  North America Continent – Mount Denali (Alaska)


Schedule :

Year 2016 (6th. to 25th June)

Year 2017 (7th. to 26th June)


Expedition Cost :  FROM USD7000/ per person. 



     5.  Oceania Continent – Mount Carstensz Pyramid (Indonesia, Papua )


Schedule :


Year 2016 (27th. August to 10th. September)

Year 2017 (27th. August to 10th. September)


Expedition Cost : USD9000/-  including helicopter services. 



     6.  Europe Continent – Mount Elbrus (Russia)


Schedule :

Year 2016 (15th. to 25th. August)

Year 2017 (12th. to 22nd. August)


Expedition Cost :  FROM USD1200/- per person (Min 4) pax in a group. 



Mount Elbrus, Russia

Mount Elbrus, Russia


     7.  South Pole – Mount Vinson Massif


Schedule :


Year 2016 (23rd. November to 9th. December)

Year 2017 (21st. November to 8th. December)


Expedition Cost : USD40,400/-  per person