Self Development Program

Self Development Program




Self Development Program at Mount Kinabalu



Business environment changes everyday and at very fast-paced. Many businesses are being left behind and many give up in short period of operation. In today’s complex, fast-paced, competitive environment, businesses and business executives must be able to adept at this fast moving environment to stay relevant and acquiring new leadership skills and capabilities.

Global Expedition Consultancy and Ravichandran (Ravi Everest), will lead you through various outdoor (hiking / trekking / mountaineering) challengers and prepares capable and positive minded business owners and business executives with great leadership & management skills and highly discipline with so many positive attitudes. Large corporation and businesses need greater leadership capabilities to be able to compete and stay relevant to achieve their CORPORATE GOAL.



From 2 Days to 60 Days programs, selected participants will expand their “Self Development” especially in Leadership skills and Positive Attitudes in very extreme and uncertain environment while benefiting from sharing sessions of various participation from various industries and culture. 


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Self Development Program – Highlights & Benefits


  • Building Leadership skills & capabilities for leading corporate companies / division / teams of executives/ employees in a competitive business environment. 
  • Strengthen Positive Mindset & Attitudes in reaching individual or group Target.
  • Understanding and experiencing many Right Attitudes – Perseverance, Determination, Don’t Give Up, Team Work, Courage and many more. 
  • Able to apply your knowledge and experience to the test in a realistic and extreme environment that requires leadership and teamwork.




Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro – one of the “Seven Summit” challenge.



“Come and invest 2 – 60 days of your time with Ravichandran…..and


you will be ready to face any challengers after the program”.





Program Experience & Impact



The program is divided into 2 program that is suitable for Executive to CEO and another to Employee to Executive. The Executive Development Program is designed to increase the leadership skills and positive minded decision making at extreme environment of executives, who are key decision makers for companies in very competitive market. The program involve experiencing learning and lots of sharing learning on outdoor environment with few class room session. 


  • The program will make the Executives / Employees participate in activities during the learning process.
  • The work experiences and knowledge that the executives bring to each learning situation are used as a resources.
  • The Executives / Employees are given opportunity to reinforce all their learning by applying and practising during activities.
  • The learning opportunity promotes positive self-esteem.
  • The learning environment is informal, safe and supportive.






With a team of guides, all activities will involve various extreme environment and various level of challengers. Class sessions are designed for theories including understanding on the challengers to capture the years of experience in the room. Learning groups provide opportunities for exploring issues across business and cultural boundaries and the remaining social activities promote a spirited camaraderie that leads to deep and lasting connections.


GEC Self  Development Program involve various elements :


  • Decision Making / Accepting Challengers / Dreams
  • Goal Setting – Small Goal & Huge Goal
  • Visualise Goals
  • Effective Research and Sharing of Knowledge
  • Preparation – Physical and Mental Readiness
  • Sacrifices / Determination & Perseverance 
  • The Power of Corporate Culture and How to Harness It.
  • Leadership at extreme environment.
  • Team Work and Team Dynamics.
  • The importance of Communication.


Mount Musthagata, China