Nepal Earthquake – GEC sending Medical Team to remote mountain areas

Nepal Earthquake 2015


Global Expedition Club Malaysia had send 2 Medical MissionTeam to the remote mountain areas in Nepal and provided medical support to the people of Nepal during the recent earthquake that hit Nepal on 25th April.

Lead by Ravichandran, the Malaysian Mount Everest Solo Mountaineer or sometimes called Ravi Everest or Malaysian Ice Man, the GEC Mission 1  was from 4th May – 13th May with a team of 11 members and followed by GEC Mission 2 from 21st May – 31st May.

The team provided Mobile Medical Clinic and moved to remote and mountain areas where other NGO are not willing to take the risk. Many injured and sick people were given medical services during their “2 mission 20 days” time in Nepal. 

GEC will continue their support for the people of Nepal with other programs scheduled on 18th June. We will organise 3 programs. 

1.    School Rebuilding Programs

2.   Home / Shelter Rebuilding Programs

3.   Social Development / Confidence Building Programs

We invite all members of GEC and outdoor friends to join hands and participate in our programs.  Contact us at : or or  

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