Mount Rwenzori (Mt. Stanley) Expedition 2018

Mount Rwenzori (Mt. Stanley) Expedition 2018 

Margherita Peak – 5,109 Meter



Margherita Peak, Mount Stanley, Uganda.




Mount Rwenzori or Mount Stanley is a mountain located in the Rwenzori range of mountains. With an elevation of 5,109 m (16,763 ft), it is the highest mountain in Uganda and the third highest in Africa, after Kilimanjaro (5,895 m) and Mount Kenya (5,199 m). The peak and several other surrounding peaks are high enough to support glaciers and are permanently snow-capped. 

Mt. Rwenzori or Mt. Stanley consists of many peaks and the highest is Margherita Peak standing at 5,109 meters (16,763 ft).

The Rwenzori Mountains is a mountain range of eastern equatorial Africa, located on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The glaciers on these mountains support the source of the river Nile, the longest river in the world at 4,135 miles (6,650 kilometers). 








Itinerary For Climbing Mountain Rwenzori



Day 1 :    Check in at Trekkers Hostel Kilembe, located at the base camp 1450 meters. Briefing from the guides and start the trek to sleep st Sine Camp 5296 meters following a higher of 1146 meters.

Day 2:    Hike to Mutinda camp at 3688 meters, giving you a height gain of 1092 metres, in the afternoon at Mutinda one may wish to climb up Mutinda look out at 3975 meters of which apart from offering breathtaking views and it gives you good acclimatization since you would be continuing higher to the summit at 4620 metres.

Day 3:    Hike to Bugata Camp at 4100 meters, with a highest gain of 412 meters through the valley of amazingly unique beautiful plant species, streams and waterfalls while we head to Bugata camp at 4100 meters, the trek gets tougher and exhausting with the steep ridges, mud, and boggy sections, high steps but the rewards are enormously beautiful.

Day 4:    Hike to Hunwick’s camp at 3974 meters, via Bamwanjara pass at 4450 meters having excellent views of the main peaks whilst the trek.

Day 5:    Hike to Margherita camp at 4485 meters, passing down and across the valley floor to Lake Kitandara which is very stunning with deep water and beautiful vegetation, climbing through Scoot Elliot pass to Margherita camp.

Day 6:    Wake up at 2:00 am and have an early breakfast and set off to climb Mt Stanley going through its glaciers to the summit of Margherita peak at 5109 meters. After the summit we will descend down to Hunwicks camp at 3974 meters for the night. This is the longest day.

Day 7:    Descend down to Kiharo camp at 3640 meters through Oliver’s pass. Overnight at Kiharo camp set in a deep valley with high cliffs and dense vegetation.

Day 8:    Descend downhill past the moss covered rocks along rivers and beautiful forests back to the base camp in Kilembe. Debrief and refresh.






Ravichandran Everest (Ravi Everest) is really looking forward to this climb scheduled on 16th to 31st Jan 2018.