Mount Fuji Winter Training 2018

Mount Fuji Winter Training 2018



Mount Fuji Winter Climb 2018





Mount Fuji, located on Japan’s main island is the countries tallest mountain standing at 3,776 meters (12,389 ft). Still an active volcano, Mt. Fuji has erupted several times with the last recorded eruption taking place in 1707. Along with Mt. Tate and Mt. Haku, Fujisan is one of the three holiest mountains in Japan. 

Mt. Fuji is arguably the most perfect volcano cone in existence and is often portrayed in art and photography. Unlike other famous high-elevation mountains in the world, Mt. Fuji is not part of a large mountain range, as it stands alone, in all its magnificence. 

Mt. Fuji’s significance to Japan is embedded in centuries of rich history surrounding the arts and religious activities and in more recent times, is celebrated globally as people travel from around the world to encounter the living legend of Mt. Fuji.

Mount Fuji is the solid training for Alpine & Mountaineering training, from the bottom to the top full of snow and with strong wind.   Members will learn and experience walk by using rope and put-up the tent on the snow.



Mount Fuji Sun Set



Winter Training Objective


Skills Covered: Glacier Mountaineering Course 

  • Belaying, Rope management, & Rappelling
  • Use of climbing ropes
  • Climbing knots & hitches
  • Roped Glacier travel
  • Ascending fixed lines
  • Introduction to Ice Climbing
  • Crampon technique including front point and french technique
  • Use of the ice axe
  • Self arrest & team arrest
  • Pacing, nutrition, and cooking
  • Snow & Ice Anchors
  • Mountain camp craft
  • Snow camp construction
  • Leave no trace skills





Climbing Schedule


The team will gather on 2nd February and will depart on 6th February. Some climbers will depart on 7th February, 2018.



Fuji Lava Hike

Fuji Lava Hike


Training Itinerary

Date : 27th. January 2017 (Friday)
Day 01       :     Arrival (Tokyo Haneda Airport & take a bus to Gotemba Bus Station (meeting point) –            
                          (2 ½ hours journey)
                           Meeting at Gotemba bus station  2:00pm – 6:pm
                           Check in Base Camp at 6:00pm
                           After dinner , Night Alpine Training
                           Lights off at 10:00pm . Sleep at Base Camp (700m)

Date : 28th. January 2017 (Saturday)
Day 02       :    Climbing Day (Move to Camp 2 – Altitude 3000m)
                         4:00am wake-up and start training until Sun Set 7:00pm
                         Lights Off early
                         (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

Date : 29th. January 2017 (Sunday)
Day 03       :    Climbing Day (Sun Rise Climb) at 4.00AM
                          After 2:00pm, Return to Base Camp & packing (End of Training)
                          Transfer to Gotemba bus station 2pm – 4pm.

                          Climber Check-in to Hotel / Hostel (Own Accommodation)
                          (Breakfast / Lunch)

Date :  30th January 2017 (Monday)

Day 04       :     Climbers organise their own departure arrangements.





Package Included

(1)    Transportation from Gotemba Station to Base Camp
(2)    Transportation (Return) from Base Camp to Gotemba Station
(3)    Group equipment : Tent, rope, anchor, stove & cooking gas
(4)    Meals as indicated

Package Not Included

(1)    Return flight ticket and Visa.

(2)    Transportation from airport to Gotemba station (Yen2000 / RM82)

(3)    Transportation from Gotemba station to airport (Yen2000 / RM82)

(4)    Accommodation on 29th January 2017 (Hostel – estimate RM100 per night / per person)

(5)    Personal equipment – Sleeping Bag (-10C), Harness, Figure 8 , Jumah, Helmet, Trekking poles, Crampons, Ice Axe, Sleeping Mat, Utensils, Alpine Boots and Alpine Clothing.   



Equipment Checklist


  1. Head Lamp
  2. Trekking Poles
  3. Crampons
  4. Harness
  5. Ice Axe
  6. Carabiners Screwgate (4)
  7. Descender / Abseil Device (Jumar)
  8. Figure of Eight
  9. ICE Screw
  10. Prussic Loops
  11. Helmet
  12. Slings (2)
  13. Down Sleeping Bag
  14. Sleeping Mat
  15. Snow gaiter
  16. Trekking Boots
  17. Double Boots / Mountaineering Boots
  18. Duffle bag
  19. Bagpack / Rucksack
  20. Bagpack Cover
  21. Clothing – Down Jacket
  22. Clothing – Fleece Jacket
  23. Clothing – Wind Proof Jacket
  24. Clothing – Waterproof Jacket
  25. Water Bottle
  26. Gloves – Fleece
  27. Gloves – Woolen
  28. Gloves – Waterproof
  29. Gloves – Warm / Down
  30. Gloves – Down Mitten
  31. Pants – Waterproof
  32. Pants – Fleece
  33. Pants – Down Pants
  34. Socks – Trekking
  35. Socks – Mountaineering / Alpine
  36. Balaclava
  37. Buffs
  38. Thermal under wears
  39. Sunhat,
  40. Fleece Beanie
  41. Sunglasses (100%UV filtering)
  42. Snow Goggles
  43. Sun block
  44. Energy bars
  45. Utensils
  46. Personal Medicine


Group Equipment (Provided)


  1. Fixed Rope
  2. Main Rope
  3. Snow Showel
  4. Climbing Tent
  5. Fuel / Gas
  6. Stove
  7. Knife /
  8. Medicine Set