Media Appearance- Ravichandran



Ravichandran is in the news :-

1. The Brunei Times Newspaper 

On 27 May 2016,The Brunei Times one of newspaper published in Brunei Darussalam write a story five Bruneian Trekkers trek to Annapurna Base camp not once but twice and in a span of one day under the guidance Ravichandran Tharumalingam  known as Ravi Everest.




2. Borneo Bulletin Newspaper 

On 12 March 2016 Ravichandran Tharumalingam also known as Ravi Everest is invited to Brunei to share more knowledge of the outdoors and mountaineering. He also was bringing 30 mountaineers from the region including Brunei for the Malaysia-ASEAN Mt Kinabalu Climb 2016 on March 17-20 in Sabah. He also hope that Brunei highest peak, Bukit Pagon could be more accessible for the public with increased facilities provides on the site. This article published by Borneo Bulletin one of daily English-English newspaper in Brunei. 



3. Borneo Bulletin Newspaper

On 17 Mac 2016 Ravichadran Tharumalingam, the Malaysian Mountaineer was impressed with the trail of the Tasek Lama Recreational Park, Brunei which was good enough for endurance and strength training including cardio training. He was visiting Brunei and took the opportunity to take a hiking session with locals at Tasek Lama Recreational Park and Bukit Shahbandar Recretional Park.  Ravi also suggested some simple modification of training will be made and he will design a training module for the local hikers. Ravi will be bringing over 30 mountaineers from the region including Brunei for the Malaysia-ASEAN Mt Kinabalu Climb 2016. Published by Borneo Bulletin.



4. The Borneo Post

On 17 March 2016,  Ravichandran Tharumalingam works with Sabah Parks and Sabah Tourism to promote Mount Kinabalu as the next ASEAN high altitude destination. Ravi has said the climb up Mt Kinabalu was hard, but the journey was short and most logical as all the facilities, including transportation, food, cheap or expensive accommodation was provided. Ravi will be bringing an ASEAN team to climb Mt Kinabalu as the next ASEAN high altitude destination.

BORNEO POST-17032016

5. BRUNEI LIVE NEWS (Radio Television Brunei or RTB)

On 11th. March, 2016, Radio Televisyen Brunei or known as RTB, interviewed Ravichandran during his Brunei Mountaineering Speech and went on live on 11th. night and repeated on 12th. March. It was an inspiration interview to many young listeners in Brunei. The Live News on RTB.



IMG_5723 RTB Brunei Interview Picture 1



6. New Sabah Times Newspaper

On 18 March 2016,  Ravichandran Tharumalingam are leads 32 climber for a GEC High Altitude Training Level 3 at Mt Kinabalu from March 17-19. The main objective of the program is to overcome acute mountain sickness (AMS). Published by New Sabah Times Newspaper.



7. Malaysia Live News – (Radio Televisyen Malaysia or RTM)

On 16th. March, 2016, Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) interviewed  Ravichandran during his “Meet The Press” event after his speech “My Everest Journey” at Institute of ART, Sabah. Many young people were inspired after his 2 hours speech. The link for his interview on News on RTM 1 :



8. Malaysia Astro Awani News Channel

On 1st. December, 2015.  Astro Awani News Channel Team take time to interview Ravi at 3200 meter altitude on Mount Kinabalu Summit Re-opening and his opinion on the New Summit Trail.  Read More



Astro awani pic 1

Live Interview by Astro Awani



9.   Mountain Torq Promo Video Shooting

On 15th. January, 2016, The Mountain Torq invited Ravichandran for the Promo Video Shooting and being interviewed on the Mount Kinabalu Via Ferrata Low’s Peak Circuit. The Promo Video is at :



Promo Video Shooting for Mountain Torq - Via Ferrata Circuit

Promo Video Shooting for Mountain Torq – Via Ferrata Circuit



10. Harian Metro Daily Newspaper

On 1st. December, 2015, The Harian Metro Daily Newspaper published an Articles about mountaineering and the technical skills in mountaineering after an interview with Ravichandran. Read more…



Harian Metro Articles 1


Several pictures of Ravichandran on Alpine mountain were published in the article and Ravichandran is using Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket, Bolle Eyewear and Suunto Ambit 3 watch in the article.


11. Philippine, Cebu Daily Newspaper

Mountain Hardware- Columbia athlete, Ravichandran Tharumalingam was invited to take part in “Earth Hour Celebration and Meeting The Press” in Cebu City, Philippine and was highlighted in the Press on 28th. March, 2015.


The Philippine, Cebu Daily Newspaper copy 10


Ravichandran shows his major climbs including Mt Everest twice during the press conference. Read more..



12. The Focus Newspaper, Thailand

On 7th. March, 2015, The Focus Newspaper in Thailand did a interview and published an article on Ravichandran and his passion on Mountaineering. The Article is called “People of Asean” (Ravi Everest – Malaysia).

The Focus Newspaper, Thailand Ravi เนื้อหา (3) copy

13.  See Hua Daily Newspaper, Malaysia

On 13th November, 2016, See Hua Daily Newspaper in Malaysia interviewed Ravichandran on his mountaineering passion and his achievements.

See hua daily




14.  Sin Chew Daily Newspaper

On 25th. January, 2016.  Sin Chew Daily Newspaper reporter take the opportunity to interview and published an article on Ravi and on Mount Kinabalu – Mountain Torq Re-opening.  Read more.




Ravi being interviewed on Sin Chew Newspaper, Malaysian Chinese Daily on 25th. January, 2016

Ravi being interviewed on Sin Chew Newspaper, Malaysian Chinese Daily on 25th. January, 2016



15.  The Borneo Post Daily Newspaper

On 20th. January, 2016.  Ravichandran was invited to speak on stage on the New Aerolign System at Mount Kinabalu Via Ferrata Circuit  organised by Mountain Torq and Via Ferrata Circuit Trail Official Re-opening. The event was highlighted on the Daily Newspaper. The event attended by the Minister of Tourism, Sabah, Malaysia.  Read More



20th. January, 2016 - Borneo Post Daily Newspaper on