Life Straw At Mount Kilimanjaro 2017

Life Straw At Mount Kilimanjaro 2017




Ravichandran (Ravi Everest) with LifeStraw Go At Mount Kilimanjaro 2017



One of the most important equipment in hiking or outdoor activities is the water bottle for carrying water for drinking during long hiking trips.  


While on the go, water resources are very limited and having a filtered water bottle system will be helpful especially when the water is contaminated or not very clean. Upon reaching the water source (river, stream or a puddle, I just stop and start to fill up the bottle. The filtered water can be consume immediately through the mouthpiece.  Read info on How To Choose Hiking & Mountaineering Boots at




LifeStraw Go at Mandara Hut during the Mount Kilimanjaro Climb 2017



The LifeStraw has many  advantages and has meet all International / USA EPA drinking water standards.  Its also sturdy and ultralight and very portable. It has flip-top mouthpiece and can be attached to backpack. The Bottle is also BPA free and contains no Chemicals.


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The Kilimanjaro Glacier