Mount Kinabalu Equipment Checklist







  1.  Sturdy Hiking Shoe
  2. Waterproof / Wind Breaker jacket
  3. Warm, lightweight jumper (polar fleece or windfleece is ideal)
  4. Warm, lightweight pants (not denim, as it remains cold when wet)
  5. Socks, Spare socks and underwear
  6. Beanie/woollen hat / Cap
  7. Sturdy woollen or fleece gloves and waterproof.
  8. Snacks (chocolate, dried fruit, nuts, jelly beans) for the climb
  9. Water bottles (at least one litre, preferably in small bottles)
  10. Sunscreen cream
  11. Sunglasses and Eyewear like Bolle
  12. Small first aid kit
  13. Headlamp and spare batteries
  14. Daypack 25 – 30L
  15. Dry bags to keep important items dry.
  16. Trekking Poles.
  17. T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt
  18. Towel