Mount Kilimanjaro – Best Month To Climb

Mount KILIMANJARO – Best month to climb




Mount Kilimanjaro summit in winter season


Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa Continent can be climbed all-year-round. We recommend two best seasons based on our experience and they are January to March and June to October.



Due to wind factors, the first season January to March is colder than June to October and there is a big chance to encounter snow on the summit approach after Gilmen Point. The second season from June to October is usually busy trekking season due to summer holidays in Europe and USA. Most of the routes are busy with tourist and the Huts in Marangu Trail are mostly booked.

We do not recommend our member to trek Mount Kili during wet season. The month between April-May and November are the wettest months on Kilimanjaro, and not ideal of trekking. Snow fall and cold temperatures are common during December – May.