Danny Giovale and his team at Kahtoola makes me relax with ice and snowy trails.

I am known as “Ice Man Ravi” due to my fear of blue ice since year 2000 when I had a bad injury after a fall on blue ice in Nepal. Ever since then, I have fear on blue ice and will be the first person to put on crampons when snow and blue ice appear on my hiking and mountaineering trail.

Danny and Kahtoola Team sponsored all their range of products for my hiking and mountaineering expeditions around the world since March 2015.

Their products are very friendly and easy to use especially for me, climbing mountains with no less effective fingers.

More information about Kahtoola at www.kahtoola.com

“Every day the Kahtoola team walks into our Flagstaff, Arizona offices, winter becomes less of an obstacle and more of a destination. We’re fortunate to have built a team of people, from designers and craftsman to marketing and sales, that is dedicated to nothing other than exceeding your – and our own – expectations.

Nearly every one of our products is designed and developed in-house, but we take it one step further – a large portion of our production is also kept in-house as well. That means virtually everything with the Kahtoola name that’s lucky enough to hang in your gear closet has been touched by us. We are our own product testers. We get our best ideas during field trials and feedback from our customers. Great people making great products isn’t something you can outsource, so we hope you won’t mind that we keep Kahtoola at Kahtoola.”

They believe in “Redesigning Winter – The Kahtoola Story”.