Ice Axe For Alpine Mountaineering

Ice Axe – Mountaineering Equipment







An ice axe is an essential safety equipment for all snow / winter mountaineering. With proper instruction, it is easy to learn the basics and serves as a foundation for all subsequent winter hiking and mountaineering skills.

A basic ice axe is designed to be used as a balance and safety equipment when walking up or descending steep slopes, as a self-arrest tool for stopping an expected fall and down slope slide, a brake when glissading (sliding downhill on your butt), and as a retrievable snow anchor when you need to rappel down a pitch but don’t have a good natural feature to tie onto.



The first thing mountaineers need to understand is the difference between a regular, or basic ice axe, and a technical ice axe. Technical ice axes are used almost exclusively for climbing high angle ice. They’re much shorter than a regular ice axe, tend to have picks that are oriented at a much more acute angle, and are almost always used with leashes.

The basic ice axe is different from technical ice axes in the following ways: they are longer, may or may not be used with leashes, and have a much less acute angle between the pick and the axe handle. Another big difference between a regular ice axe and a technical ice axe is its strength rating. A basic rating, denoted by a capital B with a circle around it means that the axe meets specific CE and UIAA norms for strength and durability, suitable for a buried snow anchor or self-arrest. A technical rating, denoted by a capital T with a circle around it means that the axe meets higher strength standards, suitable for use in vertical ice climbing or anything the requires hanging and holding your weight.  These rating are usually stamped into the handle or head of an axe. Avoid ice axes that do not meet CE and UIAA standards.


Learning how to properly use a ice axe, particularly for self-arrest, requires instruction and lots of practice. It’s a basic skill for all winter hiking and climbing but it is easy to learn the basics and steadily improve.

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