Hypergear On Mount Rwenzori Expedition 2018

Hypergear On Mount Rwenzori Expedition 2018





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It was 9 am, on 24th January 2018 when I reached the summit of Mount Rwenzori or Margarita Peak in Uganda, the highest mountain in Uganda standing at 5109 meters and 3rd Seven Summit of Africa Continent.


The journey was so much so more challenging in Tropical Rain conditions and Alpine Technical Climbing environment with much daily afternoon rain, vertical snow sections, and crossing crevasses. We have to cross 2 glaciers almost reaching 800-meter length and some at 35-60 degrees vertical which requires jumaring (ascenders). 


The weather was so extreme and changes very often. During the journey to the summit of Mount Stanley, the team was hit by a snowstorm and we have to move on very snowy and cold temperatures.  I depended on my Hypergear Drybags to keep my warm clothing and electronic equipment dry during the snow storm.


Hypergear Drybags are very reliable and keep me safe and dry from cold and wet elements on Mount Rwenzori Expedition 2018. 



Mount Rwenzori Glaciers Crossing 2018