How To Choose Hiking & Mountaineering Boots

How To Choose Hiking & Mountaineering Boots




How ToChoose Hiking Shoes or Mountaineering Boots



Hiking and mountaineering involve footwear and choosing the right hiking boots is a matchmaking process. Your footwear need to sync with how and where you are going to hike and expected weather condition during the hike. Before you select the right one, be very sure they’re a perfect fit. There are many choices of footwear for outdoor activities and its starts a simple ultralight running shoes to heavy, durable and strong mountaineering boots.


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  •  Hiking Shoes


Hiking shoes are a range better then running shoes or similar like trail running shoes only better in few areas especially on the technical specs. They are light weight and less durable but still have the breathability technology and waterproof. Some are made of Goretex material to support waterproof effect. Low-cut models with flexible midsoles are excellent for day hiking. Some ultralight backpackers may even choose trail-running shoes for long-distance journeys.


Usually hikers use hiking boots for short hike from 30 minutes to 6-8 hours or Day Trip. They are meant for training hike like what we do at Gasing Hill or some hill run. They are also useful for wet terrain and ready trail.Very useful for tropical warm weather and dry terrain but will be an disadvantage during wet and rainy season.I use hiking shoes for all my training and my choice of hiking shoes is Salomon Model.


  • Trekking Shoes / Boots



Salomon Ultra GTX Trekking Boots



Trekking Boots are much more stronger then Hiking shoes and involve many technical specification. All my overnight trekking trips involve overnight and carrying heavy load and the best footwear will be a good reliable trekking boots. The soles are much more harder and durable. The front part have a stronger material to protect the toes. Most of them are waterproof and mid or high cut to provide protection to ankles. The upper parts are made of soft leather, suede or synthetic material. Its more comfortable and extra cushion to provide good support for long treks and hikers carry heavy load. They are good for tropical, rocky and snow condition treks. My choice of Trekking Boots is Salomon Ultra GTX Mid.


  • Expedition Boots





Expedition Boots are are much more durable and stronger compared to Trekking Boots. Expedition Boots are meant for longer treks more then 14 days and mountaineering above 5000 meter altitude and Alpine condition. The mountaineering boots have thicker and more durable including more aggressive out-soles and with more waterproof and comfort. The insole padding helps in cushioning the feet after the long hike.They have better ankle support and comes with crampon ready features. If the climber planning to do mountaineering or winter backpacking, its good to have compatible boots and crampons for safety.



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