Global Warming & Environmental Protection


Global Expedition Club have started to play a role in the effort of reducing Global Warming and create awareness about Environmental Protection.



Ravi resting at Manaslu Base Camp after being rescued from Camp 2 on 23rd September 2012.


The morning at 4.30am on September 23rd, 2012……was a very scary and horrifying morning which was an eye opener for Ravichandran, the Malaysian Mount Everest climber who was involved in an avalanche accident at the Mount Manaslu in Nepal where 13 climber were killed and many were injured including Ravi. It was considered as one of the deadliest avalanches in recent years tore down a Himalayan peak obliterating everything in its path.

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It was a normal morning where many professional mountain climbers like Ravi were going up and building their Camp 2 and Camp 3. Its quite common for the climber to spend few nights at each camp to allow their body to acclimatize to the high altitude.

Suddenly at 4.00am,  a big wave of ice and snow from a broken serac at altitude 8000 meter hit Camp 3 and Camp 2 and Ravi, who was sleeping at Camp 2 was hit and thrown out from his damaged tent, 20 meters from their Camp 2. When his tent was hit, his only thought was that he is about to die and will be dropping into a deep crevasses just next to Camp 2. In few moments, he was outside and with no clothes  covered in the cold snow and not knowing what happened. He started screaming calling for help. As the avalanche was quite big, all the climbers below camp 2 were awake and came up to rescue Ravi and few others at Camp 2. The Tibet-Chinese team comprising about 30 climbers came and rescued Ravi at Camp 2.

Ravi was all cold and all his body parts were starting to feel numb and loosing sense. In the dark, he was trying to grab what ever he can use to cover his nekad body from the cold. The Tibetian-Chinese team help him to stay warm in a sleeping bag and starting to get warm drinks to safe me from frost bite.

One tented camp nearly 7,200 metres above sea level was levelled and a second, 70005 meter (Camp 2) was damaged but no death.

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Ravi realised of what happen and was very sad to see many of his climbing friends were killed at Camp 3. It was shocking for him to see the bodies and the damaged done by the Mt. Manaslu Avalanche. The serac (size of the building) which have been attached to the mountain at 8000 meter just give way. The cause of global warming was the reason for the fast snow melting and avalanches.

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Global Warming is a serious issue and Ravi have started to share about his Mount Manaslu Avalanche Disaster to many people related to outdoor activities. He goes around climbing around the world and offer speech about “Mountaineering and Global Warming” and how serious is “Global Warming”.

Ravi’s main focus is around South East Asia and he works closely with Global Expedition Club members in organizing and managing many activities related to educating and creating awareness of “Global Warming and Environment Protection

Corporate Companies are invited to participate in GEC programs and also welcome to invite Ravi and GEC members to participate in their Environmental Activities.

Corporate Companies are invited to participate in GEC programs as Program Partners / sponsor. Ravi and GEC is very keen in sharing the message to school children and young people and willing to participate in their program as invited guest speaker in their Environmental related activities.

Many Corporate Companies have vision and policies related to Environmental Protection. We at GEC do our part by some of the following practices :-

1.   Promotion of rubbish collection on the trails during our trekking and outdoor activities especially School Holiday Programs where we hope to start educating while they are still at young age.

2.   Tree Planting with our Corporate Partners.

3.   Complimentary Speech on Mountaineering and Trekking and educate public on Global Warming and effect of Global Warming.

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