Kinabalu Bolle 1



GLOBAL EXPEDITION CLUB MALAYSIA organised their yearly 2nd GEC ASEAN MOUNT KINABALU CLIMB 2016 from 8th – 11th. September. Total 23 climbers join the training. It’s a combination of young and matured people, male and female.

The first team of 13 people arrived at Kota Kinabalu airport at 11am. Ravichandran, the Malaysian Mount Everest Solo Mountaineer joined them. At 11.30am, the team take the transport for lunch at Gaya Street and then moved to Kinabalu Park. Before reaching the Park, the team stopped at Nabalu Town for buying local fruits and a glimpse of Mount Kinabalu at close. The clouds are already low and covered the mountain view.

The second team of young climbers came a bit later at 12.30pm.  They moved on to Kinabalu Park and stayed at Ayana Resort, located about 1.4km from Kinabalu Park.


Check in to Kinabalu Park at 3.15pm and most of the Team 1 climbers stay at Hill Lodge Resort.  First briefing starts at 3.45pm at Hill Lodge No. 5. The meeting discuss about itinerary and about Acute Mountain Sickness. At. 5.30pm, the transport was there to take us for dinner and another Public Briefing by Ravichandran and representative from SSL.

The Team 1 summit at 6.05am and Team 2 summit at 6.20am. It was a very tough climb but the members from Team 1 did well and never give up. Heavy rain, strong wind started from 3.20am, while the Team 1 and Team 2 reached Sayat Sayat (the last check point) and only stopped raining at 6am, just as the team reached below the summit. The wind was still blowing and the temperature drop low.

With very strong mental and team work, they stay focus on their dream and reached the summit together. Congratulations to all 23 members of GEC 2nd ASEAN Kinabalu Climb 2016 (8-11 September, 2016).