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FLEXIROAM (ASX: FRX) is the leading prepaid international mobile roaming service provider focused on allowing consumers to stay connected to their home country, using their existing number, while traveling overseas. Through its innovative wholly-owned technologies, FLEXIROAM offers international outbound travelers worldwide unlimited flat-rate voice and data roaming services in over 200 countries and territories. To date, FLEXIROAM has saved global travelers over USD5.5 million on roaming charges.


Flexiroam has recently launched its mobile app that comes with numerous features for global travelers. With the Flexiroam App, you can save on their roaming bills while you are overseas with just a simple touch. You will also have the freedom to call any mobile or landline number worldwide at the lowest cost. Not only that, but the app allows you to make free calls to other Flexiroam App users over the internet!




“FlexiRoam is a complete communication solution. Flexiroam enables me to stay connected with friends and family when I travel abroad at the lowest cost.”



You can avoid being a victim of excessive roaming charges by simply using Flexiroam. For more information, visit



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