Ethopian Airline To Mount Rwenzori Expedition 2018

Ethiopian Airline To Mount Rwenzori Expedition 2018




Official Airline To All Expedition To Africa Continent




This was my first international flight to Uganda from Kuala Lumpur and my first visit to Uganda for Mount Rwenzori Expedition 2018. Invited by the Uganda Tourism through Uganda Embassy in Malaysia, I was going from Kuala Lumpur with transit in Singapore and Addis Ababa. The flight schedule to land in Entebbe in Uganda.


I have been on Ethiopian Airline to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania on August 2017 but this will a new experience with the flight going to Uganda.


I arrived at the KLIA airport 3 hours before and the line for check-in counter was short and fast. The Ethiopian Airlines staffs were very friendly and very helpful. They were quick in processing my check-in. After check-in, I head straight for immigration clearance and at 10.00pm, I head to the gate for boarding. 




Ethiopian Airlines




My previous experience on Ethiopian Airline was the best and they have the best connection to connect all of Africa and rest of the world.  Boarding the flight was easy and fast and after 1 hour, the flight landed in Singapore for security check. We were told to go inside the terminal and return after 45 minutes.  The legroom is really suitable and spacious. It’s also very clean inside.


The timing was just nice and the Singaporean Airport Authority process the passengers very fast and smooth. After boarding again, the flight takes off as per schedule. I was offered dinner and the food they serve was fantastic. The beverages were good and I love their customer service. I rested by enjoying the in-flight entertainment and it was really good. They have a great crew and also the planes are big and comfortable. The flight taking off and landing were smooth. 






Ethiopian Airline, my Airline Partner For Africa Continent Expedition




The flight landed in Addis Ababa for 4 hours and I have to transit to another flight to Entebbe Airport in Uganda. The Airport was crowded but they are constructing the airport extension and will be better in the future. After resting and going through the security check, the flight take off on time and landed in Uganda.





The people from Uganda Tourism and Uganda Foreign Office were there to receive me and take me through the VIP Arrival Hall and in 20 minutes, they were ready to drive me and check me into Kampala Serena Hotel.


I was really not tired as the Ethiopian Airlines provide good in-flight services and good connection to reach Entebbe, Uganda. With a good airline selection, every traveler will enjoy their journey just like me.