Deuter Guide 45 Plus At Mount Rwenzori Expedition 2018

Deuter Guide 45 Plus Backpack At Mount Rwenzori Expedition 2018





Deuter Guide 45 Plus at Mount Rwenzori (Mount Stanley) Summit on 24th January, 2018




Ravichandran was carrying the Deuter Backpack Model Guide 45 Plus during his recent Mount Rwenzori Expedition 2018. The backpack is not really waterproof but the material and fabric used are Deuter Micro Rip 6.6 (which is a 330 den Nylon blended fabric offering fantastic tear resistance) and the use of Nylon 6.6 makes the material very durable and robust. Waterproof (WC 2.000 mm) thanks to the PU coating. The perfect material for big packs like the new Aircontact range.




Approaching the Margarita Peak on Mount Rwenzori on 24th January, 2018




The backpack is very suitable for Alpine Technical Climb and Ravi finds is suitable and comfortable especially on the 800 meter climbing on the Rwenzori Glacier before reaching the summit of Mount Stanley or Margarita Peak which stands at 5109 meters.




Deuter Guide 45 Plus Backpack



It’s very slim and lightweight. The well-designed alpine backpack guarantees absolute robustness, a snug fit and maximum control on demanding expedition.






There were many Glacier Lakes on Mount Rwenzori and some days, we were challenged with rain and heavy snow storm.








The very slim and good adjustable technology attached to the backpack like Deuter Guide 45 Plus made my journey to the most challenging Alpine African Mountain (Mount Stanley) easy and very comfortable. 








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Mount Rwenzori Glaciers Crossing 2018