Denali 2016 Updates

Denali 2016 Updates


8th. June, 2016



EVA Air check in counter at KLIA


Ravichandran in KLIA at EVA Air Counter and check in at 1.00pm for his expedition to Mount Denali in Alaska, USA.


9th. June, 2016


Reached Anchorage and settle down.





Avalanche at Mount Manaslu in 2012 where we lost 17 people and many more injured, really hit Ravi and make Ravi aware of the danger. Now Ravi managed to get a Avalanche Tranceiver, for rescue team to locate Ravi and also for to locate others during avalanche.


Ravi did  final equipment lay out and checking inside the Aeroplane Hanger at Sheldon.







11th,June 2016




Ravi done purchasing of supplies in Anchorage at REI and Alaska Mountain Hiking. Ready for the Malaysia Mount Denali Solo Expedition 2016. Taking a shuttle to Talkeetna for National Park briefing and flight to Denali Glacier. will be a new experience for Ravi on “Glacier Landing”.


Reached Talkeetna and meet the Sheldon Glacier Flights and check out the Aeroplane for tomorrow flights to Denali Glacier landing. Its gonna be a new experience.