Clothing For Day Hike

Clothing for a Day Hike





Going for a Day hike is a great way to get some fresh air, exercise every muscle in your body, and spend quality time with friends or family. Wearing the right clothing for a hike will help keep you comfortable and safe, so you can focus on your surroundings and your hiking partners.


Hiking Clothes


  1. Shoes and socks. Always use a comfortable shoes or hiking boots that is suitable for the terrain. For easy day hikes on well established trails, you can usually get by with trail running shoes or low hiking shoes that have a grippy sole. Many people also like wearing Mid-lightweight hiking boots if they want additional ankle support. Shoes must be well broken-in so you can avoid getting blisters. It’s also best to wear wool or synthetic socks when hiking, not cotton, because they absorb less perspiration which can lead to blisters.


Mount Kinabalu, Borneo


  1. Pants or shorts. Choose lightweight, roomy hiking pants that provide freedom of movement and will dry quickly if they get wet. Long pants or short pants are both good choices depending on weather conditions especially when weather change fast. Most hikers prefer convertible hiking pants with zip-off legs because you can quickly turn them into shorts if you get too hot or wear them as long pants for insect protection.


  1. Underwear. When hiking, it’s best to avoid wearing cotton underwear because it absorbs perspiration. The best way is to wear synthetic boxers or panties that will dry quickly even if you start to perspire heavily. It also helps to wear boxer style underwear, which can help prevent rubbing between your thighs.




Weather can change. Mt Kilimanjaro route to the summit.


  1. Shirts.It’s best to bring several layers on hikes with variable weather. A short sleeve for hot weather, a long sleeve shirt that can be worn over it for sun and insect protection and a lightweight fleece sweater for cooler temperatures. You going to perspire when you hike, so try to wear a shirt that will keep you cool and can dry when it’s being worn.  Also consider wearing a long sleeve shirt that has lots of pockets and can provide sun or insect protection if conditions warrant. When choosing hiking shirts, consider bringing a few different layers on your hike, like a lightweight shirt that can be worn along with a quarter-zip fleece sweater, in case you get chilled and want to wear something warmer.


  1. Hat and Sunglasses. Don’t forget a hat and sunglasses if your eyes are sensitive to light. It’s surprisingly easy to get sunburn when hiking all day outdoors, so cover up with a baseball hat or a wide-brimmed hat to protect your skin and eyes. If you’re in the mountains, you might also consider wearing a UV Buff to protect your neck from sun or sunlight reflected off snow.






Some of the Essential Things 


There are many things need to be considered. The above are the recommended clothing for Day Hike but still need to prepare for weather change. We talk about the basic clothing climbers need to bring for Day Hike. We also recommend, climbers brings a bag pack 30L and add some important things like enough water for a day 2L, Headlamp, Waterproof jacket and pants, insect repellent, Sun block lotion, maps or GPS, snack and food, and some other personal medication.  Always check and make sure you have enough clothing and equipment before making a trip.