Basic Mountaineering Course 2018 ( BMC )

Basic Mountaineering Course


By  Global Expedition Club Malaysia




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Come learn from Malaysia’s best mountain guides in our Basic Mountaineering Course. To create the best and effective environment for BMC is to organise the program in the outdoor and allow them to apply all learning immediately with  three days of education, mountaineering and fun. This course is designed to allow participants to learn the proper hiking and trekking techniques and protecting the natural environment.

This Basic Mountaineering course enables you to build the skills needed from simple outdoor camping to mountaineering adventures such as expedition climbing to Mount Everest.


The course  is divided into 5 Level. For more informations on Level 1 to 5, press       info



Level 1 –  Basic Mountaineering Training      info


Level 2 – Vertical Rope Training


Level 3 – High Altitude Training (Mount Kinabalu)


Level 4 – Alpine Altitude Training (6500 meter Mountain)


Level 5 – Everest Training (7500 meter Mountain)



The itinerary in Level 1 to 5 will include all skills from basic camping in tropical environment to snow condition, mountaineering challengers from 1000 meter to 8848 meter, basic tropical jungle to avalanche safety/rescue, winter survival, navigation & route finding and complete experience of climbing a 7500 meter peak. In addition the course also focuses on basic mountaineering skills including ice-ax self-arrest, proper crampon techniques, and basic rope team travel.

All training in the outdoor and expedition environment will allow participants the opportunity to put their new found skills into action and hopefully summit one of the most majestic peaks with 7500 meter altitude.