Alpine Mountaineering Climbing Techniques


Alpine Mountaineering Climbing Techniques





Mountaineering is a “Passion” for many people in the world especially people with love for outdoor and nature. This is also a passion for all age right from young children to matured people who are still able to walk and hike for many days.

Mountaineering involved physical workout and as such need physical strength and good cardio to last the endurance requirements. But with proper “Alpine Mountaineering Climbing Techniques”, one will be able to climb high mountains with less physical strength and endurance strength.

Alpine Night Climbing

Usually “Good and successful climbers don’t just power their way up a wall, they also use many mountaineering “techniques” to survive the challenges and reach the peak. Many mountaineering techniques can be learned and experienced during climbing expeditions. Each of these techniques will help you to overcome many problems that creates challenges during the journey and some are designed to assist climbers for specific challenges.

Climbing with Crampons

All GEC members are always reminded to hone their Alpine Mountaineering Climbing Techniques and the best way to do that is by joining all our BMC Training and Mountaineering Expedition every year. Learn the Techniques by learning the principals. We have listed many for year 2017. Refer to