Mount Aconcagua Expedition 2017

Mount Aconcagua Expedition 2017



The Mt. Aconcagua is the center and main motive of the Aconcagua Provincial Park, one of the most spectacular protected areas of the Republic of Argentina . The 71000 hectares are located in the Province of Mendoza , a few kilometers East of the borderline with the Republic of Chile . All its waters flow towards the interior of Mendoza , through the Horcones, Vacas and Cuevas river basins.



Mt. Aconcagua is one of the great mountains in the world. At 22,840 feet (6962 meter) tall, it is the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere. Since it is the highest mountain in South America, it is considered one of the “Seven Summits”. Though it is often overshadowed by the very much respective Mount Everest, Aconcagua itself is worthy of any mountaineer’s respect. There are three different routes on Aconcagua: Normal routes with porters, Ameghino Valley Route and Polish Glacier Route – a classical technical glacier.

The climb of America’s highest peak is an awesome and breathtaking experience for mountaineers. The reward for your dedication and hard work is when you stand on the summit of the highest point. The view is incredible and a superb challenge for mountaineers too.  Aconcagua is often said as a stepping stone for Himalayan peaks, drawing climbers from all levels. It lies on the border between Argentina and Chile, gazing out over the southern Andean mountain range.  Aconcagua is a great climb for someone who is looking to see how their body performs at high altitude.




Climbing Season


The climbing season is between November 15th and March 31st of every year. Our suggestion is to climb Mount Aconcagua between late November and late February. This is mainly because of two factors, first because of weather conditions. It is within this period when weather is warmer in the Austral Hemisphere and climate more stable on Aconcagua. 

Secondly, because it is when there is availability of all necessary logistics to go ahead with the climbs (mules, base camps supplies, porters, etc).    



GEC Mount Aconcagua Expedition for 2016-2017 will be as following : 


  1. MOUNT ACONCAGUA via Aconcagua Normal Route
  2. MOUNT ACONCAGUA via Ameghino Valley Route
  3. MOUNT ACONCAGUA via Polish Glacier Route

A Solo Mount Aconcagua Climb  2014  by  Ravichandran

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