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Inspiring adventurer, Ravi Everest, wants to complete his “Grand Slam of Mountaineering” with believing that everyone should “Challenge The Summit” of their dreams.  Being on the Summit of Mount Everest during his first Mount Everest Expedition 2006 via the North Face Route, Tibet and reaching the South Col during his second Mount Everest Expedition 2007 via the South Face Route, was the highlight of his passion in mountaineering.

In the Year 2010, after overcoming “Frostbite and losing 8 fingers” he began his quest for the “Grand Slam of Mountaineering“, planning to summit all “14th Eight Thousander”  (8000 meters) mountains in the world and the “Seven Summit”, all the highest peaks in seven continents. In the Year 2011, he added “The Poles – The Last Degree” in his quest and begin his “True Explorers Grand Slam” and his own version of  “Grand-Slam of Mountaineering”.

In the Year 2014 during his “8th Year of Everest Summit Anniversary”, he decided to expand his “Grand-Slam of Mountaineering” and to make it a  “True Adventures & Explorers Grand Slam” by including the  “Ski Full Length to The Poles – South Pole and North Pole”.

To make his “Grand-Slam of Mountaineering” a very much more interesting journey, he decided to increase his challenges in each continent. He added additional challenges like “Seven Volcanic Summit”, “Second Seven Summit”, “Second Volcanic Seven Summit”, “Third Seven Summit”, “Third Volcanic Seven Summit” and some “7000 meters mountain peaks”  including “World Historical Trail” & “Cultural Summit”.





Ravi Everest

Ravi Everest





In going for this quest, GLOBAL EXPEDITION CONSULTANCY PLT & GLOBAL EXPEDITION CLUB Malaysia (GEC) was formed with the following objectives:

  • To organize and manage all mountaineering expeditions and exploration related to his version of “True Adventurers & Explorers Grand Slam” and “Grand-Slam Of Mountaineering” located around the world including the poles.
  • Promote “Healthy Lifestyle through outdoor and adventure activities”.
  • To inspire others to “Challenge the Summit” of their dreams.



“In recent years, his journey has taken him to many parts of the world and his listed expeditions were Everest 2006, Everest 2007, Mt. Cho Oyu 2010, Mt. Shishapangma 2011, Mt. Manaslu 2012, Mt. Manaslu 2013, Kilimanjaro 2010, Mt. Elbrus 2011, Mt. Aconcagua 2015,  Mt. Coropuna 2015, Mt. Ojos del Salado 2015, Mt. Pico de Orizaba 2015”








Ravi survived some of the most challenging environmental conditions known to man and he loves to share his journey with the public especially the youth to inspire them to face challenges in their lives.


The Journey of lifetime (Challenging The Summits)


Being rescued by other mountaineers while being buried by avalanches that killed 18 fellow climbers during his Mount Manaslu Expedition in Sept 2012, he begins a life with a new purpose. His new journey of sharing and inspiring others who need a lift just like how he was lifted from the thick snow and ice. This journey of adventures and inspiring will end in 2021 with “K2 Expedition” as the most challenging and life-threatening expedition.








“Mountaineering is a passion and the love for nature and mountains are part of the passion. If one cannot accept this fact and don’t have love for nature, then they won’t have passion for mountaineering” – Ravichandran (Ravi Everest)




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